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About us

Company today

The company TechTrade Trzin was founded by two business directors in 1992. The company has been working as a supplier and distributor of network and computer equipment of renown trademarks ever since. Its headquarters, business and trade premises, service centre and warehouse are located in the industrial zone in Trzin, near the capital city, Ljubljana.

Management and staff

The tasks, responsibilities and duties of business directors are distributed in the first organisational part: coordination of product sale and stock, payments, debts and modernizing of work process. The second part includes editing of law and legal area, initiating innovations, taking care of the service network and financial field. Head of the general personnel service keeps track of performing correct employment procedures, staff relations, strengthens social responsibility, belonging to the company, and nonetheless plans and coordinates further education. The company possesses its own accounting, which takes care of all financial income and debt recovery. External accounting, as one of our business partners, takes a greater part in preparing a more extensive documentation and accounting certificates.

The sales department is divided into purchase and sales departments. Sales and communication with our customers is done via phone and website. The sales department coordinates the assortment of products with the purchase department and makes sure that the products are properly dispatched. Sales and purchase departments cooperate in marketing actions and announcements. Highly qualified personnel advise our customers and help them make a better purchase on site, in our store.

The service unit provides help after purchasing a product. In the product income department, we are committed to ensure all necessary product documents and requirements for the warehouse and shop displays. In expenditure, products are prepared for shipment to our customers. We do not possess our own shipment service.

Our mission

At TechTrade we strive for giving our customers high quality sales service that we are constantly developing and upgrading. We offer knowledge and information about our sales programme, which our customers can access at any time.

The business ethics of the company stems from understanding our customers’ needs and expectations. It is directed towards a long-term wellbeing and wishes of our customers.


Our vision is, TECH TRADE TRZIN to stay your sincere partner for the THIRD MILLENNIUM, standing for tradition, permanency and firmness.


Our fundamental business values are:

  • fair and ethical business performance,
  • satisfaction of our customers,
  • efficiency and flexibility,
  • respect and fulfilment of agreements,
  • great prices of our products and services,
  • excellency of our work.

Validation of our values is shown through twenty-five years of work with the same brand. We cherish loyalty. Two thirds of employees that have been with the company since the very beginning are what the company is built on.

Business code of ethics

According to the business code of ethics, at TechTrade Trzin, we are obliged to respect fundamental principles and regulations that present standards of service, management and leadership. They are our guiding principles that determine business etiquette and excellency of the company.


Through the years we have always strived to be flexible and keep great business relationships with all of our partners. Other companies from the same line of business were always a challenge for us, motivating us to improve our processes, services and to be innovative.


With stable business politics and reputation, we have earned certain advantages with partners opposed to other companies. Banks, suppliers, users of our services, staff and external co-workers are familiar with our business stability and are able to trust us in all collaborations. In this way, we are able to divide responsibilities among people who are responsible for the production process, working environment and the local community. This motivates them to find and give suggestions for constant improvement.


Blatnica 8, 1236 TRZIN, Slovenija, EU

The company is entered into the register of companies at the Ljubljana District Court under the entry number 1/15653/00, date 09. 03. 1992

Share capital: 200.000,00 €

Registration number: 5571928

Tax number: 99944561

VAT indentification number: SI99944561

VAT Registration Certificate
Working hours

Ponedeljek - Petek

8.00 - 17.00


+ 386 1 56 22 111

Business accounts

NLB D.D.: SI56 0208 3001 8916 530

SKB D.D.: SI56 0313 1100 0234 160

UNICREDIT D.D.: SI56 0313 1100 0234 160